CERN - Human Resources Department

Staff Rules and Regulations

11th edition, updated 1st January 2013

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Chapter Title
Introduction Cover page
Table of contents
Chapter I General provisions and scope
Chapter II Conditions of employment and association
Chapter III Working conditions
Chapter IV Social conditions
Chapter V Financial conditions  
Chapter VI Settlement of disputes and discipline
Chapter VII Relations with the personnel
Chapter VIII Final provisions
Annex A 1 Periodic reviews of financial and social conditions of members of the personnel (currently being updated)
Annex R A 1 General definition of career paths
Annex R A 2 Financial awards
Annex R A 3 Family allowances
Annex R A 4 Education fees
Annex R A 5 Basic salaries of staff members
Annex R A 6 Stipends of fellows
Annex R A 7 Subsistence allowances for associated members of the personnel
Annex R A 8 International indemnity
Annex R A 9 Installation indemnity
Annex R A 10 Reinstallation indemnity
Annex R A 11 Indemnities and grants payable to staff members on termination of contract
Alphabetical Index